Starlight Family Stories



Celebrating summer with Motomax Great Escapes Activities!

Here is a letter from a Starlight Mom. It explains it all!
Starlight's mission is to bring smiles to families in their moment of need.

Hello to all Starlight people,
I am the mother of 3 children who are all patients of various clinics at the Montreal Children's Hospital.  Some days we talk and talk about our numerous appointments and hospital visits/concerns/medical decisions/follow ups and other days we do not want to elaborate--because, as Starlight people understand, it is not easy.....
It has been less than a year that we have been on the 'Stalight list' and every envelope opening moment is an exciting one!  We have participated in a couple of very pleasant activities (AMC arcade, cabane à sucre) and more recently (July 6th & 7th 2012) the cabin cruiser Motomax boat ride AND the Sea-Doo event.  I can only imagine the coordination and time these events take to plan and implement.  This is why I am writing.  My children vary in ages AND interests and it is often difficult and costly for me to organize special family activities.  Starlight has not only given us the opportunity to be with others in similar situations and momentarily forget our medical concerns, but to do so as a family in age appropriate unique settings--wow!  In addition, we felt safe and surrounded by kind individuals (Erica & Ernie)---this is so important!  Even the snacks were terrific & allergy-free (the variety of vegetables and dip were the best!).
I would simply like you all to know that our family is very grateful--this will be remembered. 
Thank you very much,

Having fun with Erica!